Among Us McDonald's Chicken Nugget Comes to $100,000 On Ebay

Somebody on eBay is offering a McDonald's chicken chunk molded like a character from Among Us, and the offering has detonated to unbelievable heights.

 An eBay vender polizna recorded the chicken chunk as of late and so distant there have been more than 180 offers. The current tall offered is $99,897 at press time. 
 This isn't fair any chicken nugget--it's from the as of late propelled Upbeat Feast delivered in association with the South Korean boy band BTS. 
 The winning bidder will get the chicken piece solidified and airsealed "to guarantee freshness." The chunk will be conveyed some time recently the food's normal 14-day close period, so it may well be actually secure to eat, but if it's not too much trouble don't take our word for it. 
 The dealer has recorded the nugget's condition as "utilized," whereas szechuan sauce can be transported with the chunk in the event that that's what you need. Other Among Us-shaped chicken pieces from McDonald's have as of now sold on eBay, but this one could be extraordinary since of the BTS associationAlso, Among Us dev
The dealer goes by the title Tav, and they told GameSpot sister location CNET that they anticipated the sell off to reach around $50. The vender moreover doesn't accept anybody will really pay thousands of dollars for the nugget--the winning bidder is likely fair doing it for the memes and will back out, Tav said.
       "I had figured it would get some place around $50 but nothing like this, at the conclusion of the day there are a few individuals out there who *would* pay a few crazy cost for a McDonald's chicken piece, but I do not think the ultimate bidder will really go through with the buy as there are parts of individuals who offered on things like this for the 'memes.'"
 The sell off for the Among Us chicken piece closes on Friday, June 4.

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